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BOSKI 8 pound

BOSKI 8 pound

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Fabric type: Spun Silk (8 pound boski) with box packing
Length: 7 yard
Width: 36 inch

Yamani Fabrics presents superfine, extra delightful 8 pound boski.
It is soft, light, strong and sensuous fabric. Prime quality and best price.
Genuine Boski is made up from silk with traditional Chinese method. Silk filament are pulled out from the cocoon of silk worm. Its called spun silk resulted from the separation of filament from a flux. The final stage is consist of cleaning and weaving of fabric with silk thread. Silk worm thread is one of the kind of protein fabric and it is best for human body and seems like the elegance cover made up of spun silk.

Note: The actual product color might slightly vary from the image due to light effects.